Brickwork & Masonry

Owning an older or period property, you are likely to be the owners of some beautiful brickwork. We pride ourselves on having a fantastic team of highly skilled craftsmen – masons and bricklayers who can recreate the stunning look of period brick and flint work.  Having any sort of renovation or reconstructive work on a period property means finding the perfect match for your existing bricks, and with our team you are assured of the highest quality workmanship. 


Our skilled team operate throughout the South East of England and London, specialising in traditional bricklaying methods, flintwork and restoring period property back to its former glory.  Whether it is a case of matching the colour and texture of your brick walls, or perhaps you are in need of refreshed pointing and repair, our team can help.

Restoration of Brick Walls

Brick walls have several areas which may need attention as a building ages.  The bricks themselves can age and deteriorate as they get older, with restoration work and professional repair often being the only way to protect your historic building.  The pointing (the external part of the mortar joints) can over time, decay and cause gaps which can allow water to get in.  Our team are skilled at repointing in a traditional style to be in keeping with the period of your home or building.


It is important with an historic home that you choose the right builder to help restore your home – modern methods are not necessarily the right way to go when restoring an older property, with repair needing to be highly specialised and skilled.  Dunne & Co are renowned as being the premier brickwork restoration specialists in the South East.

Brick and Flintwork

There are several traditional skills which our craftsmen are able to carry out. One of the key areas of brick and flintwork restoration is pointing, and tuck pointing.  This is a traditional method of repointing which was first used in the late eighteenth century to imitate gauged brickwork.  Our restorers use the same traditional tuck pointing methods to restore your pointing in the original style.


Flintwork is another highly skilled trade which our craftsmen are experienced in.  Flint has been used in building across the centuries, from as early as the Middle Ages.  Often used in conjunction with other masonry materials, it is important that your restoration takes into account the methods which suit the restoration of flint.  To non specialist builders and restorers, the flint is incredibly difficult to shape and split,  Dunne & Co are specialists in flint wall restorations with master craftsmen who have years of experience working with flint. 

Building Maintenance Contracts

If your property requires specialist brickwork or masonry services then contact us either by email or phone 01491 598898 to discuss your needs.

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