Whether constructing a new build roof or carrying out repairs to an existing roof, our team of experienced roofers take the same care to ensure lasting quality. We'll carefully match the tiles or slates to your existing property or the surrounding buildings, finding reclaimed tiles if necessary.


Our close contacts with local roofing suppliers allow us to quickly source a wide range of hand-made peg tiles, natural mineral slates and many of the more unusual roof tiles. We also construct flat roofs and roof lanterns. Our in-house craftsmen are skilled at all types of lead work.

Period Property Roof Repairs

At Dunne & Co we know and appreciate the need to respect the historical fabric of old or listed buildings. The external aspects of a property can often fall under more scrutiny than those within the walls of the structure as you have to meet, not only, your own expectations but also those of your neighbours and any planning official that may be involved. For this reason, it is imperative roofing activities on an old building are done to a high standard by a company with an unrivalled experience and attention to detail.


Many of the buildings we work on are listed and, as such, you may require listed building consent before any work is undertaken.

Roof Construction, Repairs & Maintenance

A building’s roof is a hugely important element in maintaining the water integrity and by keeping it well maintained can reduce the chances of other, more serious, problems emerging further down the line. The construction of a roof is separated into three main elements: External roof features (chimney, guttering etc), The internal structure (of timber construction) and the outer covering. We have experienced all manner of problems with these structural elements and can quickly identify the best course of action to return your property to as close to it’s original make-up and appearance as possible. We also take the utmost care to remove and reinstall original features that may have had to be removed during the roof works. Details such as ridges made of clay or stone and finials will be removed and reaffixed upon completion.

Common Roof Problems

Roof coverings come in various different forms, each come with their individual pros, cons and issues.

When it comes to the internal timber structure of the roof the priority is maintaining what is already there as replacement of trusses and purlins can be a difficult (and expensive) process.


Occasionally, the timbers will need to be replaced (usually due to rot) but the most common timber replacement is installing new battens when the roof covering is being replaced.

If you have, or suspect you have, issues with the roof then give us a call on 01491 598898 or email us at to discuss your requirements.

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