Lime & Plaster

Period properties were originally built from the inside out using breathable materials so the whole structure was designed to be naturally permeable. 


Today, it is virtually unheard of for builders to use the same materials and techniques of older properties, so the craft of lime plasterwork is in danger of dying out.  The problem here comes to restoring and maintaining older properties which do use the traditional lime plaster – as soon as you begin adding modern materials to the older home, you run the risk of creating further issues in the long run. 


For example, modern concrete render on an old building will prevent water evaporation from the outside of the building, effectively sealing damp inside and encouraging further decay within the building structure.

Period Property Plaster Restoration

At Dunne & Co, we firmly believe in applying the traditional materials and methods to older properties to preserve their character and finish for longer. 


In our experience, period property repair work is always best done in keeping with the style of the property and the traditional plastering is just one way to preserve these properties.

Lime Plaster Restoration

Lime plaster is a naturally permeable material which allows the building to breathe.  The problems which this brings can include damp, crumbling and cracking of the plaster.  Dunne & Co are experts in the restoration and rejuvenation of period property plasterwork, including decorative coving, mouldings and ceilings for all types of building.  We undertake all sorts of projects to restore old plasterwork, from heritage and lime plaster through to securing ceilings and replacing old plaster with new.


We understand the complexity that some of the period property projects bring, so we are careful to carry out surveys and reports into the safe restoration of your plasterwork.  At Dunne & Co we advocate traditional, breathable construction techniques and materials to prevent long-term damage and retain the historical integrity of the building. 

Period Property Lime & Plasterwork

Many buildings built pre 1900 used lime in their construction, for mortar, plaster, render and for decorative effect.  During the early to mid 20th century, traditional lime mortars had almost disappeared with the arrival of harder, cement based materials.  As a consequence of this, the traditional skills of lime plasterwork have been in decline. 


Lime is a great material to continue using on older buildings.  When old buildings have been re-plastered with modern materials, once water gets in, it becomes trapped inside the walls.  The easiest escape route is often through the internal plasterwork.  It is important to get a specialist in lime plasterwork to advise and assist when it comes to restoring your period property’s traditional lime plaster, as these specialist skills and knowledge are now becoming more difficult to find.  Dunne & Co are the perfect partner for your lime plasterwork restoration. Call us on 01491 598898 or email to discuss your ideas with our team.

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