Landscape & Gardening

The garden can often be seen as an extension of our homes, or in many cases it is left as a bit of an afterthought!  With the right planning, knowledge and experience, you can transform your garden into the perfect space for entertaining, relaxing and recharging.


Our team at Dunne & Co are highly experienced in a diverse range of garden design and landscaping projects, from small courtyards through to large scale rural landscaping. 

Garden design


We understand that not all clients want the same things when it comes to gardens – they are a highly personal space which needs to reflect the personality and taste.  Here at Dunne & Co, we can offer an extensive range of garden services, from design and planning through to project management and build work. 


If you want an easy and stress-free project from beginning to end, our team can draw up the plans for the design, taking into consideration all your wishes, wants and desires for your garden space.  It’s important that your garden is a space you want to spend time in, and that the landscaping works for you.  We work to create a planting scheme which works for the amount of time you are willing to spend on pruning, cutting back and general maintenance of your garden. Once the design and planting scheme is prepared, we can provide all the hard landscaping such as paving, fencing, patios and more.

We are based in Oxfordshire, and have great knowledge of the local area.  This is an important point to note, as with a good knowledge of the local area comes a greater knowledge of the best designs and plans for your new garden.  From optimising the space to get most of the sunlight, to checking the soil quality for the most appropriate plants and shrubs, we can help you find the best options for your garden design.

Your home should always reflect your personality, as well as fit in well alongside your lifestyle, hobbies, family and style. We can help you get best from your garden with innovative ideas and experience in a diverse range of garden design and maintenance tasks. 


For more information, or to discuss your garden design ideas with the team, simply drop us an email at or call 01491 598898 or to discuss your requirements.