Painting & Decorating

Painting and decorating is one of the most varied of the trades.  Our specialist craftsmen know every aspect of it. As well as the normal painting with modern emulsions we use a wide variety of paints including lime wash which we mix a shade ourselves, clay paints and all different types of staining we also have a trained fine artist on our books that can re-touch. Our trustworthy team are directly employed by us and are well versed in all types of painting, paper hanging, wood finishes and other specialist finishes.

Painting and Decorating

Our experts know the best approach to restoring the look of your period property and our methods are continuously evolving. For external lime render, for example, we used to always apply a traditional limewash.


Now, however, we regularly recommend a silicate masonry paint. These paints provide all of the benefits of a traditional limewash, in particular being fully breathable, but also have additional benefits such as being much longer lasting. Due to the fact these paints are a new development they can be quite expensive, however, they provide a beautiful finish, require fewer coats and long-term, prove more economical.

Restoring Period Features

Owning a period property is a pleasurable experience, however, it can also be filled with stress when trying to keep the property in a good condition without affecting how it looks. Our aim, at Dunne & Co, is to take this stress away from you and leave you safe in the knowledge that you are in good hands. We know that most of the value, interest and pleasure in owning a period property lies in it’s history and character and that a big part of this is the aesthetic. If the work is not carried out properly, by craftsmen with a deep understanding an knowledge of old properties then not only can you end up with an end result that looks poor but it can also affect the integrity of your building. A good example of this is the thatched cottage (left). The outside of the building had been painted using a modern, impermeable paint. This has the effect of not allowing the house to “breathe” and as a result caused damp problems internally as moisture within the walls was forced towards the building interior. We stripped all of the modern paint from the brickwork and timber beams and then redecorated using silicate paint. The timbers were then protected with a specialist oil and beeswax formula. As of a result of the work we undertook the damp issues have been resolved, the timber framework has been revealed and the applications will protect the building for years to come.

Contact Us

If your property requires painting or decorating services then contact us either by email or phone 01491 598898 to discuss your needs. We know all of the best methods to bring your property back up to it’s original standard and, by using a combination of old and modern techniques, we can ensure that your property’s integrity will not be compromised.

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